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What is Lata 1?

Lata 1 is a Global Voice over IP service provider with an impressive cumulation of the world's most reliable ILD transporters.  Built by many years of observation in the voice & data segment and unparalleled talent from it's founders, our vision is to eradicate the sluggish burdens that providers and partner distributors experience in delivering IP based products.

We have the Know-how

Despite the competitiveness that exists in todays world of communications, Lata 1's leadership is well aware of the lethargic overseers that can hinder progress.  That's why our agreements are negotiated on an individual case basis and we specialize in bringing the right supply to the right customer.  We work in parallel with the customer to make sure that quality comes first. 

Competitive Pricing

Knowledge is power and we offer some of the most aggressive pricing in the market because of this.  Since we work closely with our providers and sometimes invest in bilateral agreements and commitments, we can afford to offer the best quality at the best price.


Communication Services

Lata 1 has the ability to terminate in over 200+ destinations throughout the world via our advanced Voice & Data platform.  Our current focus is in the Caribbean, African and, Latin nations.  Additionally, our Mobile Top Up platform delivers real time replenishment to mobile subscribers in said destinations via our proprietary API interface allowing us to serve demanding diasporas.  As such, we expect to expand into more corridors and are forecasting a significant increase in organic retail traffic by end of 2018.

Real-Time Mobile Replenishment

Our Mobile Top Up platform delivers real time replenishment to mobile subscribers via our proprietary API interface.  We expect to expand into various corridors which will only increase our organic retail traffic.

Superb Quality & Support

Our friendly staff can be reached at and an escalation list will be provided upon contract signature and execution.  We value our customers and we work diligently to resolve issues as quickly as possible. 

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